Enrollment information

Lisbon Montessori School will host children of all nationalities who are between 2½ and 12 years of age. Most common ages at point of enrollment are between 2 ½ – 9 years.

Start of attendance is possible in September and in January (any week of the month), so at the start of each term.

We offer half-day program to children under the age of 4 or until the teacher feels that they are ready for the more advanced full day program. In the full day program the children engage in more extensive academic and developmental activities and the classroom setting requires a higher level of independence.

When siblings (including twins) are being enrolled to the casa level LMS policy is to enrol each sibling to a different classroom. When more than two siblings are being enrolled the two that attend the same casa classroom must be of different ages.

Parents are encouraged to visit many schools before choosing the right school for their child.

For you to consider enrollment to Lisbon Montessori School please sign up for a tour or an open-house day. The tour takes about one hour, and for the first visit we invite both parents to come alone, without their child. An exception to this is when prior to the visit the parents have attended a virtual tour and have already made the decision to enroll by providing pre-enrollment paperwork in which case they may bring the child for an interview with the teacher.

If you are abroad and wish to reserve a spot for your child, please fill in the LMS Admissions Parents Questionnaire and LMS Application Form and email them back to the school office to hello@lisbonmontessori.org  If you wish to speak with an admissions person, please email to schedule a video call.

If the child has attended school before we require that you provide their school report. When joining the elementary we require two year’s progress reports and an email contact for the former teacher who will be asked to fill in a teacher-to-teacher form for admissions.

Our school year has 10 months, from September to June. We also offer daycare in July day-camp at an extra fee.