Maria Mexia Figueiredo

Casa Teacher’s Assistant

My name is Maria and I am a kindergarten teacher. I finished my master’s degree in pre-school education last year. Curiously, the subject of my research was “The Importance of Developing Autonomy in Pre-School Education”. It has always been a concern of mine that children feel capable and confident about themselves and progress in taking responsibility for their actions, capable of thinking and deciding what they want to do without constantly needing adult’s permission.

Before studying pedagogy I studied theater for 7 years during which time I always established a relationship with children. I participated in a TV series “Uma Aventura” which continue to be very popular.

I face my challenges in “Lisbon Montessori school” head on, and I look forward to growing as a Montessorian.

It is a privilege and a responsibility to be part of this team, and I hope to be able to support the children when they need it, so they can achieve what they want in life and learn what really matters to them.