Michelle Tan

AMI Primary Guide

Greetings to you. My name is Michelle Tan. My Montessori journey began when I was 19, where I obtained my AMI Primary Diploma and embarked on my first teaching position in San Diego, California, U.S.A. I returned to my home country, Singapore and spent 10 years as a Montessori Guide, influencing the Montessori community to uphold the quality of Montessori Education in Singapore.

After obtaining my Diploma in Educational Studies (Speech and Drama, Creative Writing and Music and Movement) awarded by the College of Teachers, U.K., I continued my learning and graduated with my Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood Studies, awarded by Monash University. I then went on to guide children in Bali, Thailand and Poland using Montessori.

I have a strong interest in helping children use art as a means of expression and love to be creative with the children and encourage children to showcase their personality, emotions and ideas through the various mediums in and outside the classroom. I believe nature is a huge source of inspiration for creativity and encourage children to explore and create.

I also love using books, poems, action songs and language games to engage children and increase their vocabulary in a fun way! I look forward to sharing my cultural knowledge with the children and the community in LMS.

I take pride in creating a functional and beautiful environment for the children to foster independence, catering to their sensitive periods as well as their early experiences with social interactions and school routines. We must also remember these golden words of every child, ‘Help me to do it by myself!’ I look forward to meeting your child and discovering his/her personality and interests and help him/her blossom in our house of children.