A bit of history


What is montessori?

In 1896 the first Italian female doctor of medicine graduated from the University of Rome. Her name was Maria Montessori. Defying all odds going against her in the then ‘man’s world’ in every sphere of science this brilliant physician went on to observe children of different ages and abilities. This led her to creating the remarkable method of following the Child, which remains fully valid over a hundred years on.

With the opening of the first casa dei bambini in Rome in 1907 the Montessori philosophy and method conquered the world with a revolutionary set of ideas. Those ideas range from respect for the child’s work to necessity to prepare the child’s educational environment with a large scope of attractive materials, which develop the ‘whole child’. This philosophy unites parents and teachers, who believe that each ability that the child undertakes to self-develop is equally important to the young child’s character, be it learning to set the table for dinner or learning to read.

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