We Connect Montessori to the World.

Montessori is an education and a perspective that moves from learning to application through curiosity and creativity. AMI serves as the network and community that applies the principles of Montessori in many aspects of life and living, building upon the approach without compromising its integrity. As such, it is the recognised authority for those interested in applying the Montessori approach at multiple levels—from education to humanitarian causes to research and the broader physical and social environment.

First and foremost, AMI empowers teachers and communities through the educational approach of Maria Montessori adapting it across continents and cultures to help children develop their true potential and make a difference in the world.

Montessori works in every setting for the success of each child. The world has changed, but what it takes to be successful hasn’t changed since Maria Montessori created her education approach over a hundred years ago: a strong emotional, behavioural, and moral foundation. Montessori helps children develop into individuals who know right from wrong, who have self-confidence and are connected with others, who find fulfilment, and connect and contribute to the world.

We are the recognised authority for those interested in applying the Montessori approach at multiple levels.


AMI is renowned for enabling teachers to become masters of transformative teaching by implementing the Montessori approach with the highest level of fidelity. Our teachers help children follow their interests and passions to develop strong academic and life skills, leadership, self-discipline, responsibility, and independence. AMI teachers create learning environments that are hands-on, self-paced, collaborative, and joyful—everything that’s needed to create a lifelong, active learner.

AMI Montessori Teacher Certification helps teachers nurture each child into a capable and connected individual, while moving all children forward. AMI certified Montessori schools reassure parents that the school supports the teacher in developing each child’s full potential.

Vision statement

The vision of Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) is to support the natural development of human beings from birth to maturity, enabling them to become the transforming agents in society leading to a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Mission statement

AMI will use its internationally recognised authoritative voice regarding the unique nature of childhood and natural human development to advocate for the rights of children and adults to have access to nurturing, developmentally appropriate, educational environments. AMI will do this by preserving the legacy of Maria Montessori’s vision whilst continuing to innovate and increase the impact and reach of Montessori principles and practice. We will continue to uphold AMI quality standards whilst reaching out to collaborate and partner with individuals, communities and organisations who share our vision.