Ana Vanessa Martins


My name is Ana Vanessa.

Ana Vanessa Martins

For ten years I have worked in the social support area engaging in weekly volunteering with children and young people. This is the area that I love the most. During my youth I did international exchanges and visited many countries, such as Tanzania, Turkey, Romania, Italy, Poland and Armenia with a focus of working with young people, social intervention and informal education.

After a degree in “African Studies – History and Development” and having had two of my own children, I decided to specialize in Auxiliary Educational Technique and it is here at Lisbon Montessori School that I can put my recently acquired training into practice utilizing this really wonderful philosophy that empowers children and makes them more capable and independent.

I wish to have had the opportunity as a child to belong to such a community; however, today it is a privilege for me to share this experience with everyone involved in this project.

I like to spend a lot of time by the sea watching magnificent sunsets.