Ivona Rožanovska

AMI Elementary Guide, LMS Founder

One day in 2007 my three-year-old daughter joined a Montessori children’s house. In a matter of weeks she became self-reliant in most daily necessities, choosing independently from a variety of choices. When more and more of such abilities became apparent, and when I realized that many were encouraged by someone other than myself, I decided to look into the Montessori method in more detail. As many people who stumble upon Montessori I have gone through sensations ranging from awe-inspired disbelief to passionate embracing of the Montessori method. Ever since I began studying the philosophy and took a Montessori teacher training course my passion for Montessori philosophy has been only increasing. In September 2010 I reached a point where the need to share this beautiful way of supporting the Child on his way to self-formation made it possible for me to open the Vilnius Montessori pre-School.

Now that Lisbon Montessori School has opened its doors I feel so much joy and fulfilment. I am very happy to share my experience of creating Montessori prepared environments with my colleagues in Portugal. As the old wisdom that human character is created in the first 6 years of life continues to be confirmed by modern science educating families about their child’s inner needs and rights to love and independence is something that I take very seriously. This new school has also brought a fresh opportunity to extend our offer to the Elementary students. The ability to continue learning in a Montessori setting for children ages 6-12 is a unique blessing for families who value Montessori education.

Montessori philosophy is a thorough observation of every human character that is unique. As the founder of both schools, I strive to create a system for the child to grow up to be free and, at the same time, accept guiding and authority. My every day endeavours also revolve around carving our school policies and values into a framework which may stay in the child’s habits and memory as an inspiration to become a life-long learner.

I consider the opportunity to positively influence each child who joins our schools a privilege. I feel even more fortunate to be able to work in a profession, which makes fatigue and disappointment impossible. However, the biggest benefit I am blessed with in my experience of working in our schools is the possibility to grow as a parent for my three children.

My youngest daughter has attended both of our schools. She continues her education in Lisbon Montessori School Elementary program.