Miguel Simão

LMS Office Manager Financial Controller

My professional experience has progressed through many areas, from international relations to programming, data protection and financial control. I was not fortunate enough to receive a Montessori education, however, in my attitude, commitment and the will to learn, unlearn and re-learn I consider myself a Montessorian.

I believe that any human being has a wish to change the World, in Montessori this can be a reality. Because Montessori is a project of self-education, any of us can make this change by wanting to learn, wanting to help, wanting to be independent and having the confidence that alone one can do more. This education shows us how much we can, and should do; how much we can accomplish alone without any servants, just allies in the process of building and developing a better world.

At the end of a Montessori study cycle the student leaves confidently, feels that he has the necessary base to take on a life full of challenges, and without realizing this he will overcome them without difficulty. This is because an obstacle is not a problem but a mere task. It is not by chance that a giant like Google has as its founders two alumni of Montessori schools. Both Larry Page and Sergey Brin recognized the value of their educational background in these six Montessori premises: Self-Education, Education as Science, Cosmic Education, Prepared Environment, Prepared Adult, and Balanced Child.

For my part as member of this wonderful team I look forward to grow and to make Lisbon Montessori School grow with my commitment and dedication to a cause that I consider “big”.

“Help me grow, but let me be myself.” – Maria Montessori