Sara Silva


I am thrilled to start my role as a Montessori Assistant in the lovely Lisbon Montessori School.

Throughout my life I have always been passionate about culture, music and nature using them as educational tools to bring joy, resilience and confidence to children and adults around me. It was in the summer of 2017 in South Dakota while I was interning as an anthropologist in a Native American school that I first read about the Montessori method and realized how much it resonated with what I believed to be an education for a better world. That moment I decided to become an educator and went to London to study for the AMI Assistant’s certificate at the wonderful Maria Montessori Institute. Not only did it change my perspective about education itself, but it also brought amazing educators and friends into my life. 

I decided to stay in London working as a Montessori Assistant for the New Park Montessori school where I had the opportunity to enroll to several professional trainings and to develop my assistance skills with an amazing and lovely team.

Some of my ultimate favorites were the Forest School courses with Claire Warden, founder of Scotland’s first Nature Kindergarten and STEM training/ supporting bilingual children with the amazing and inspirational Jude Twani at the Early Excellence UK. 

Observing children blossom and unveiling their true passions brings me endless joy. I look forward to meeting your children and to support their natural desire to learn, helping them to achieve their full potential.